VCide HS
Is a alcohol-free powerful virucidal hand sanitiser. VCide HS is effective againsviruses by using a Quatenary Ammonium Compound as well as Bronopol and two powerful soaps. These four plus an additionalvirucide breakdown Biofilms and viral host cells which with the prolonged dwell time, resulting in excellent dininfection with no damage to the skin.
Is a Wet Wipe Sanitiser for surfaces such as door knobs, counter tops, key pads, lift buttons as well as all high traffic areas that have to be sanitised regularly. Being alcohol-free it is non flammable and will not damage key pad lettering.
CoroCide 19
Is a powerful surface virucide containing four active antiviral agents based on Quantenary Ammonium Compounds as well as copper and soap. CoroCide 19 is effective as a wipe o wipe off or as a spray application.
Is an oral mouth rinse used by dental practices as a pre examination disinfectant against viruses and bacteria. ProxyDent is based peroxide and is effective as a daily mouth rinse and gargle.
Is peroxide mask sanitiser where masks are worn for prolonged periods. An atomizer spray will disinfect the mask with no odour retention.
These products form part of a 45 items product range:

ChemSolved Technical Products (CTP)
  • ECO - Heavy Duty Water Base Degreser
  • Autowipe - Water Based Solvent Fall Out Remover
  • Rubbafit - Rubbafit Slipping Agent
  • Synlube - Synthetic Pressing Agent
  • Usonic - Ultrasonic Bath & Rotary Deburring Additive

Home Care Products (HCP)
  • Dishwash - Concentrated Dishwash Liquid
  • Andi Andi - Concentrated Abrasive Bath Cleaners
  • Sani P - Detergent & Germ Killing Floor Cleaner
  • AP Cleaner - Bargain Priced All Purpose Cleaner
  • Also - Pinegel, Fabsoft, Floorstripper, Airfresh & many more all available from our factory shop!

Autovalet Products (AV)• Car Shampoo - Wash & Wax
• Dbrite - Interior Trim Polish
• Tigerbrite - Tyre Polish
• Odour Buster - Heavy Duty Odour Remover
• Tirelube - Tire Bead Lubricant and many more...

Genesis Projects
• In house products sold under other brand names, please enquire with us!